Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Final Frontier...

  Pacific Ocean Sky...


Like millions of Americans over the years I found myself unemployed after our TV Network was closed in 2012.  What followed was a brutal process of applications sent out and no response back.  I'd estimate I received less than 5 percent of actual ding letters or emails or phone calls.. 95 percent there was just no response.  Which really really sucks.  400 days went by with only 2 offers of employment.  (The worst part is applying to places where you know people that work there or companies you've helped in one way or another over the years and hearing nothing in return.)

I am a semi-decent photographer who sells his work around town and on the internet.  I've sold enough images (1,500 pieces or so since January 2013) that financially I've been fine... TVGal makes a good living and our benefits are very good through her company.  I've been asked over the months why I just didn't do photography full-time.  First of all, that's a scary leap from amateur to professional.  Secondly, I'd like my 401k to get bigger with help from a business other than myself.  But more importantly, I like being around people and feeling like I'm part of a team.  I've had a lot of friends move out of Colorado over the past few years and I'd been by myself most of the time (apologies to the wondercats Chili and Pepper... you two have been a delight).

I'd hoped to get back into the TV business but after banging my head against the wall for the better part of 18 months (a couple of good scenarios were around but both involved leaving Colorado) I took a call center job with Comcast with the hope of returning back to the TV side someday.  My first day there they changed the policy of applying internally to another position to 1 year (from 6 months).   Brutal.

Despite being good at the job it was not good for the soul.  After doing some searching of that same soul for awhile I realized I needed to do something new and at the tender age of 50 I pretty much had one career change left in me if I wanted to build a career, move up the ranks, blah blah blah...

Despite the fact that entry level pay/hours were going to suck (the photography sales help offset that) I wanted to try to work in a field that I have always wanted to work in since I was 12 years old.  So four weeks ago I applied for a position with a local company with international ties.  The interview went very well and they did the drug testing / background check then and there.

Today I received the offer letter and I accepted the position (which begins in two weeks).  They have one benefit that is probably the best benefit I could imagine and I will use it (as will some of you) early and often as long as I'm there.

It will be challenging physically I'm sure and there will be days that will be stressful.

I honestly can't wait.

Thanks for the 28 years television... with the exception of the last two you've been great.  But it's time, for now, to move on to something new.

Besides, I've always wanted to work with animals...

(that last sentence is a hyperlink that you need to click on to answer the question "Where IS he working anyway?")

Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, I’m telling you, amazing things will happen...
—Conan O’Brien, “The Tonight Show” (NBC)

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