Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lodo Bites 2014 - Part 1 of 2

Burger at 5280 Burger Bar, Denver...


So... we're back.  I've deleted all old posts and we are starting anew.  This blog might be about food.  Movies.  TV.  Airports.  Cocktails.  Knitting.  Okay,  not Knitting.  But I'm going to try to post at least  twice a month.  We'll see.   First up, 2014 Lodo Bites review....

Lodo Bites is an evening in Denver where you walk around for 35 bucks and sample 18-24 restaurants offerings of drinks, appetizers etc... this year it was 18 and we always try to make sure we get to each restaurant before the end of the four hour time limit.  Turns out when you only have two people attempting that you can get done in about 2.75 hours. (Lots of folks that we normally do this with were out of town, in the Witness Protection Program, what have you...)

TVGuy and AirportRob began our assault at 5:01 and finished at 7:45.  A new track record.  Kids, don't attempt this at home... herewith, our journey....

(By the way, I haven't said yet that Lodo Bites is a great, fun undertaking for all.  It is.  Maybe our favorite summer day in Denver.  Keep that in mind for 2015 won't you?)

1. Wynkoop -- Normally a perennial powerhouse with brownies, beer, entrees... and this year.. not so much.. a single spoon of some shrimp thing that was tasty but still felt like we were gum on the bottom of their shoe and they couldn't be rid of us fast enough.. might be the biggest disappointment of the night and we are only one restaurant in...

Cumulative Score out of 20 (we award 10 each per place): 5

2. Vesta Dipping Grill -- Normally doesn't rank very high because they normally do a seafood taste and most of our normal group aren't seafood eaters.. this year because they weren't joining us Vesta decided to make a Chicken Salad Something or other that I could have eaten 10 of.  Again, just a bite and we did return at end of night for a 3 dollar white sangria that kicked ass... but the staff was great and despite the minimal food presentation a solid score...

Score: 14

3.  Crepes and Crepes -- You'll be shocked to learn that this restaurant served crepes.  I know, stunning right?  Anyway, AirportRob called it before we entered that it might be nutella and it was.. and despite the fact that it wasn't hot out of the oven it was pretty yummy anyway...

Score: 12

4. Euclid Hall -- Every year a top five finisher and this year continued their strong showing... bite size chicken and waffles, Gourmet sausages with homemade mustards, and a Killer Grilled Cheese cemented their standing as the best overall restaurant in LodoBites history.  Just a tremendous restaurant... (still the greatest salad of my life served to me during my last two dinners there... Cauliflower Salad... Eighty million times better than it reads, trust me...)

Score: 18

5. Hapa Sushi -- We both have never eaten dinner there but after this effort we both want to, and isn't that really the point of all this?  4 small Asian samplers that all were great.  Well done Hapa...

Score: 16.5

6. Jimmy's -- The surprise of the night... a new restaurant serving classic pub food that served up an incredible Greek Nacho chip and a delicious slider.. just great stuff...

Score: 16

7.  Wazee Supper Club - Known for its pizza (why, I have no idea.. it has really sucked in previous years) this year they went with a side salad.  Weird and not all that good.

Score: 8

8. Black Crow -- I have been here before but AirportRob hadn't... I knew it was pretty good but we were both blown away by the service, the fire pits, the gourmet drinks offered and Trout Corn Dogs.  Look, I know Trout Corn Dogs sounds weird.  It was also one of the best bites of food of 2014.  We are DEFINITELY going back this summer.  Insanely great.

Score: 20 (the maximum.. and we wanted to score it higher.. seriously...)

9. Fogo De Chao -- Cheese Bread and perhaps the greatest cocktail of my Denver life, the Brazil Caipirina... small but incredibly tasty AND a future gift card.. a quick in and out, but so worth it...

Score: 13

Part two tomorrow....

Spike: We're out of Corn Flakes again.
Giles: We are out of Corn Flakes because you ate them all. Again.
Spike: Get some more.
Giles: I thought vampires were supposed to eat blood.
Spike: Yeah, well, sometimes I like to crumble up the Corn Flakes in the blood. Gives it a little texture.
Giles: Since the picture you just painted means that I will never touch food of any kind again, you'll just have to pick it up yourself.
--"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (WB)

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